Unix System Administration

Unix Administrator

The Unix System Administrator

The The UNIX Administrator book is now available for a cost of $3.99

Unix System Administrators make very good money even at the most basic levels.  Get spun up in this area and you can write your own check.

A few books you’ll want to get ahold of:


– you’ll find this book on every Unix Administrators desk, without fail.  This is the ONE book you should not do without.

– a lot of Unix books are technical, as you’d expect.  This book is a great way to learn the concepts around Unix in an easier way.  Do not keep this one on your desk at work…read it at home for general understanding and then don’t tell anybody you ever read it.

– one of the best for all around tools and functionality in the Unix world.

UNIX System Administrator Book Cover – this is the one we wrote to give a good balance of introductory as well as very technical deep dives into areas you’ll need to understand.

Some very useful links:

  • www.payscale.com – use this link to research salaries for different careers.  Click here to see the ‘one year UNIX admin salary” (I think you’ll be impressed)
  • www.unix.com – This is a fantastic forum where you can spend all day just…learning.  All UNIX and Linux variations are covered.
  • www.lazysystemadmin.com – I love this site as there are numerous informational articles to learn from.  And, the title says it all…laziness is a virtue with UNIX Administrators!
  • www.unixtools.com – another great site with extensive information covering many different flavors of UNIX.
  • www.unix-tutorials.com – great place for a large variety of tutorials.