No College Experience, no problem – Get Hired

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No college, no experience, no problem – Get Hired!

Get Hired without college or experience!

It’s normal these days to feel the need to get a college degree or to have a lot of experience before feeling you are a good fit for a job – in many cases this is absolutely true.  However, there are many jobs that pay well that require neither a college degree nor extensive previous experience.  You can get your foot in the door in these jobs, prove yourself worthy, and run with it to make a career for yourself in a position that pays well doing a job you enjoy.  I would say the primary pre-requisite is “desire”.   With desire, you can get hired


A strong sense of desire will drive you to acheive many things you might otherwise not.  It’s no secret that the primary driving force behind the fantastic book “Think and Grow Rich” is desire.  The stronger your desire, the stronger your actions to achieve.  Strong desire will enable you to overcome minor (and even major) setbacks whereas a weak desire will not push you hard enough at critical times.  So find something to truly desire…desire strongly…then tie whatever actions are needed to obtain that desire into a daily intentional gameplan.  There are numerous ways this can be applied – what I’m discussing here is simply landing a job that you are proud of, that makes good money and you enjoy doing. 

Jack of all trades playing cardWhat do  you want?

That’s a tough question for many to answer.  The first thing that comes to mind is usually things like “happiness”, “one million dollars”, “peace”, “health”, “healthy kids”, etc, etc.  But when you really drill down into this question it becomes a bit muddled.   When you really put pen to paper and describe what you want and are willing to work for…and then exactly what you are willing to do to get it…you tend to stray and the topic gets “no so clear”.  I went through an exercise awhile ago – I believe it was a part of a Tony Robbins exercise – where I was to list 250 things I “wanted”.  No priority, no limitations, no restrictions…just write and write and write.  It’s amazing how hard it is to get that many items on the list.  Sitting there now, you may be thinking you can write down 250 with no problems, but I challenge you to do so…it’s not so easy.  Afterwards, there were more steps…grouping into priorities and then the all-important “what are you willing to do to achieve these” effort.  My point is that it’s one thing to dream up “what you want”, it’s another to actually document them and then write down what you are willing to do to get them.  Jim Rohn said something along the lines of “Affirmation without action is the beginning of delusion”.  I would say this is very similar…wishing without a plan is a sure path to failure. So, decide what you want and how hard you are willing to work to get it.

What kind of job?

Again, this post is about obtaining a job so the hope is that  your desire to do so is strong and you have enough reasons behind this desire to push you through the inevitable obstacles you’ll encounter.   Whether you are currently unemployed, or employed but looking, you should consider what you really want to do.  As an example, my wife used to be a bartender because she genuinely loves dealing with people and it allowed her to get a job pretty much anywhere – I was military at the time so we moved a lot.  As a bartender (no college, no previous experience) my wife was able to do a job she absolutely loved while making some good money.  This can serve as a fairly good sanity check for you – what job can you fit into your living arrangements, enjoy doing, and make enough money at?  A few ideas to share with you follow:


Bartenders usually require no college degree.  Although experience will help land the higher level jobs, there’s nothing wrong with starting as a new bartender and working your way up.  Many bartending jobs come with corporate benefit plans such as insurance and 401k.

UNIX Administrator

IT guys are in high demand and UNIX administrators (my personal background) earn very high entry level pay.  It’s not unusual for an entry level UNIX administrators to make more then $70K per year – this is one of the highest paid entry level positions you’ll find…and guess what.  Often, no college required.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants make good money and see the world.  If travel is in  your blood you should seriously consider a position as a flight attendant.  Most of the airlines keep an almost steady supply of hirings for this since it is a high turnover job.  Some people…many in fact…just end up not liking it.  But those that do like it can end up making it a lifelong career with excellent pay and benefits.

Personal Trainer

There are two sides to consider here.  Either you are in great shape and have the personality and drive to become a personal trainer, or maybe you were previously in very bad shape but have changed your life around and can serve as a great example for others.  Either are earning people big money that choose to go this route.


It seems everybody has an unwritten book in them and today’s market makes it easier than ever to get your book into the hands of the public.  The digital book market place is huge, and growing.  You no longer need to find an editor and publisher to get your book published –  you can do it yourself via (for example) Amazon Kindle.  Check it out….very cool!


Got a camera and an eye for the unusual?  Photography can start as a hobby and grow into a career or business for you in your spare time.  There are many different types of photographers and you should explore the different areas to find your niche.

What are you going to do?

There are a few ideas above – there are certainly more to choose from as well but the point is, if you don’t have a college degree or tons of experience, all hope is not lost!  There are still enjoyable and profitable jobs to be had – you just need to make up your mind and pursue what you want relentlessly (just like anything else in life).  On this site, we outline several jobs that fit this category and we will do more as time goes by.  Be sure to check back on occasion to see what’s new.