Mobile Bartending – Make some extra money tonight!

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Mobile Bartending Guide – Make some extra money tonight!

Mobile Bartending Guide – why mobile?

If you’re a bartender, want to be a bartender, or have ever thought about it, you may want to consider augmenting your income as a Mobile Bartender using the ideas set forth in this quick Mobile Bartending Guide.  As a Mobile Bartender, you will become responsible for marketing your own wares, booking your own events, running your own bar, and making your own money.  Self-made, Self-Paid…not a bad way to go.  Read the below Mobile Bartending Guide for some insights into what is required.  For additional reading on becoming a Bartender, be sure to check out The Bartender available at Amazon and Smashwords.

First, the money

In keeping with my theme of helping people make at least $60K as a yearly salary ($5K per month), we should see how Mobile Bartending fits into this mold.  First, understand that until you become very successful as a Mobile Bartender, it should be viewed as a side job…augmenting money you’re already making.  Once you become successful as a Mobile Bartender, $5K per month is not a problem.  So lets say you’re already making $24,000 per year and you need to augment that to make another $3K per month with Mobile Bartending.  You can fudge the  numbers a bit to fit your exact situation but we’ll take $3K per month as the target for this article.  $3K per month means $750 per week.  A “typical” Mobile bartending gig can easily net $300 per night for a 3-4 hour event.  Add tips to that amount and you’ll find that two per week will bring in the $750  you need per week to add that $3K per month to your overall income.  Based on the event you are working at, $300 per night may be very, very low – often times you’ll make far more than that.  It’s not unusual for good Mobile Bartenders to make $1,000 on a very good night such as a big birthday party, wedding, or some holidays such as New Years Eve or even St. Patrick’s Day.  As you get more and more immersed in this effort, your marketing efforts should be focused on any upcoming holiday to get the best bookings possible.

Mobile Bartending – what is required?

What is required?  It depends, of course.  Some bartending gigs will only require you to show up and go to work.  Some will require you to bring all the alcohol, bartending tools, etc, etc.  Either way, you need to be prepared so if you intend to take this seriously you should invest in a Mobile Bartending kit.  They can be found on eBay or Amazon or in a number of other places – google it and find one that fits your budget and has the most functionality.  If the gig requires you to bring the alcohol, make sure that is either covered up front you are given an advance – you definitely want to set up some boundaries here as  if you run short  you’ll be blamed.  If you buy too much, you’ll probably end up keeping the extra but also incurring extra cost.  So a Bartending Kit and a smile and some nice clothes are the primary necessities here – the situation will determine what else is needed.  One thing to consider strongly is the number of guests and your ability to keep all the drinks filled.  If the event will be large, consider hiring a bar-back to assist or maybe even another bartender to work with you.  It’ll cause you to lose a bit on the profits, but it will help keep your reputation intact.

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Mobile Bartending – booking engagements

All of the intention in the world doesn’t matter if you’re sitting home on Friday night, not bartending.  You have to be active, aggressive and outgoing to book your gigs.  Get a website, twitter account, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, etc.  Get your name out there and get noticed.  As you get engagements, be sure you get testimonials from folks and get them posted to your website – this is gold.  The more testimonials you have, the better.  If you can get a single one from a local celebrity, that’s a huge plus and will make potential customers much more likely to reach out to you.  In addition to the “Social Networking” aspect, you should also be scouring the want ads, Craigslist, etc for anybody that might be looking for your services.  Also, be sure to make friends with local DJ’s, caterers, event planners, etc. since they are involved in the same types of engagements.

Mobile Bartending – Upping your game with Flair

Yep…flair.  Remember the Tom Cruise movie “Cocktail”?  Spinning and throwing bottles?  Well, that’s called Flair and if you get good at that, you can expect your tips to seriously increase – everybody loves to watch and as the night draws on and the drinks add up, it only gets more and more interesting.  This is one skill it makes sense to pay to improve on for Mobile Bartending.

Mobile Bartending – what kind of engagements?

A short list of where your engagements can come from

  • Referrals
  • Repeat Customers
  • Corporate Events
  • Celebrity Events
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Pool parties
  • Any holiday party
  • New Year’s Eve – I’ve bolded this simply because it’s the “King of Kings” regarding an event to work – set yourself up as the Bartender for a New Year’s Eve party and you’re in good shape.  Also, this can be a good time to raise your rates as you get more popular as the demand for good Bartenders is increased while at the same time most are booked.

Mobile Bartending Guide – summary

So that’s it – go get it.  What other job do you get to work your own hours, party all night long, socialize with people having fun, and get paid very well for it?  Not many jobs like that around – if you have the inclination, go for it.  And as always, I’d love to hear your stories.