Al Pacino - game of inches

Al Pacino – A Game of Inches

A Game of Inches – Al Pacino I have shamelessly reproduced Al Pacino’s “A game of inches” speech below from his movie “Any Given Sunday”, only because it’s something that should be read or heard by everybody everywhere.  Read and heed, then remember to take action. Game of Inches – Video: The YouTube video can […]

sean connery - bodybuilder

Sean Connery – Working Class Hero? Great Scot!

Sean Connery – working class hero? Great Scot! What is a Working Class Hero, and how does Sean Connery fit? I started writing about the “working class hero” type, but then my wanderings moved me to one of my favorite all-time actors – Sean Connery who was, in fact, a perfect example of a Working […]

Four Hour workweek book cover

Top 10 Books you should read

Top 10 books you should read A  list of the Top 10 books that are critical to anybody’s self improvement library. The problem is not that there is no material to read and study, the problem is that there is so much of it!  The amount of material to sort through today on this topic should be […]

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How to find a job that requires neither college nor extensive experience

How to good find a job that requires neither a college degree nor extensive experience. Hello again, thanks for checking in. I’ll get right to the point – if you’re unemployed or “employed but looking”, or maybe you’re in a position where you know you’ll need a job soon and would like to get a […]

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Mobile Bartending – Make some extra money tonight!

Mobile Bartending Guide – Make some extra money tonight! Mobile Bartending Guide – why mobile? If you’re a bartender, want to be a bartender, or have ever thought about it, you may want to consider augmenting your income as a Mobile Bartender using the ideas set forth in this quick Mobile Bartending Guide.  As a […]

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No College Experience, no problem – Get Hired

No college, no experience, no problem – Get Hired! Get Hired without college or experience! It’s normal these days to feel the need to get a college degree or to have a lot of experience before feeling you are a good fit for a job – in many cases this is absolutely true.  However, there […]

bartender making drinks

Bartender Friends

Bartender friends from around the world If you are fond of the occasional drink, you have undoubtedly encountered a bartender or two in your time.  Yes, this is a post that involves discussion about drinking so if you’re on of those that do not agree with drinking, you might want to skip this post. Meeting […]

USMC Dress blules with Sword

My Unneccesary Tribute to the Marine Corps

My Unnecessary Tribute to the Marine Corps Why is this unnecessary? This is unnecessary simply because the United States Marine Corps doesn’t need me to extend praise – the Marine Corps earns it’s praise on it’s own and most Americans as well as people all around the world are well aware of what a phenomenal organization […]

usmc dress blues with sword

Hiring the Military

Hiring the Military A little background “Perry, if you want to join an organization that will always look out for you, there’s no better place than the Marine Corps”. That’s what my career counselor told me in high school back in 1983. He shared a lot of his impressions with the Corps that I don’t […]

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Leaving the Military for a Civilian Job

Leaving the Military for a Civilian Job I was contacted recently by a Soldier named Brandon (last name omitted) who is considering leaving the military and pursuing a civilian job.  I had posted a comment on a Kiplinger article awhile ago and it caught his interest as my tone was (and is) such that the […]