Auto Sales

Auto Sales

The Auto Sales professional

Working as a “Car Salesman” might have a bit of stigma attached to it, but there is one thing that is not in doubt and that is the ability for the good salesperson to make a boatload of money in both salary and commission.

We have put together a list of references for you to take a look at as well as a Kindle Ebook if you’re interested.

Auto Sales Book CoverThe $60K Jobs – Auto Sales book now available in Kindle format for a cost of $3.99

Some very useful links:

  • – the Kelly Blue Book site.
  • – great research as well as advice site.
  • FTC site – the “Facts for Consumers” that every Auto Sales expert should know.
  • – you may or may not offer warranties, but it will serve you well to understand them.
  • – Not a bad idea to understand the process from a buyer’s poing of view.