$60K Jobs Primer

What to Expect and Why

Below is the entire contents of the $60K Primer document.  Feel free to read it here or scroll to the bottom and download the PDF format.  Either way, we hope you enjoy it and find value in it.

What is “$60K Jobs” all about?

This is not a “get rich quick” process, but more along the lines of “life comfy soon” which I think is a worthwhile endeavor for anybody. I’ve tried many get rich quick methods and have failed at every one. Like most things in life, I have become convinced that consistently positive effort directed towards a worthwhile goal is far better than a single huge effort at something that may or may not even be viable. Our goal is very, very simple – provide a means for people to land a job that pays well but doesn’t require a college degree or experience.

If you’re looking for me to tell you that this is easy and you sit in your armchair all day and have people throw money at you, you’re about to be disappointed.

The information contained herein consists of valid, real-life choices you can make to change your career or job and start making more money. It will require a commitment on your part as well as some effort. $60,000 per year is not a walk in the park, you’ll have to break a sweat. But let me assure you that setting your sights at making $60,000 per year is well within your capabilities.

Why $60K? It has a nice beat and we can dance to it!

I got out of the Marine Corps in 2000, just in time for the “dot com bust”, and was able to translate my skills into a $75,000 starting position. While in the military, I made less than $30,000 annually so my target upon deciding to get out of the military was around $40,000. I quickly realized I was underselling myself so I raised my expectations to $50,000.

Still too low.

Too many offers on the table at $50,000 and that told me I could go even higher. $60,000 per year was now my target and that was double what I was making in the military. That’s where I set my sites – those were the jobs I targeted.

As mentioned earlier, I did even better than that but I think back to those days and $60K was an almost unbelievable amount for me to make and I thought that if I could get there, I would have “made it”. So, with this mindset I have created this series of handbooks to help others get there. Bear in mind that this is in no way a limitation or income ceiling, it’s merely a very good goal to achieve – surpassing this goal will be your responsibility 90 days from now, and I’d love to hear about your efforts and progress.

What do you need to make $60,000 per year?

Let’s start with what you don’t need if that’s ok.

You don’t need a college education, you don’t need special or unusual skills, and you don’t need a rich uncle or an inheritance.

A few things you do need are in order as well I guess. You do need to have a strong desire to do this. You do need a driven personality. You do need to have the time to do this. You do need to have an open mind to good, constructive ideas and a closed mind to negative influences. You do need to be able to put in the hours and effort to make this work.

If these “do’s and don’ts” don’t convince you to look elsewhere, then dive in and prepare yourself to make a few extra dollars.

The jobs outlined in this manual were specifically chosen because training and/or college education as a requirement is, for the most part, not needed. It’s always helpful if you have a degree or certification of course, but for these jobs it’s not required. Some jobs, such as Flight Attendant, will require some training and take a bit more time, but you get paid during training and are ready to jump into a nice paying job immediately.

Another hindrance we have tried to avoid is the requirement of long term tenure at a position to build up seniority and collect pay raises to make good money. Bank teller and teachers come to mind here; the longer they stay where they are, the more they make. To make $60,000 in these types of professions, you have to be employed quite a while so they don’t fit into our 90-day window. Of course, experience and college degrees are important and do count. Make no mistake, a 25-year flight attendant will make considerably more than you when you start out but that just means he/she needs to work less hours to get to $60,000 (if that’s a goal).

Another consideration here is that keeping your “day job” and working towards another career will get you to the $60K (and higher) range quicker. It’s not inconceivable to work two jobs to get to the $60K range, and if those two jobs are similar, even better. For example, if you are working as a Flight Attendant several days a week, you can also work as a restaurant server or bartender a couple of days or night a week as well.

A word of caution about increasing your salary

Don’t quit your day job yet.

Don’t quit your day job until you simply have to. It will be tempting to quit-believe me, I know. But do the responsible thing instead and enjoy the income you earn as a result of this instruction as a second income-in addition to your current income. Live the high-life for a bit, double income is fun! But, don’t quit your day job until you know for sure your new endeavor will offset what you will lose when you quit – in fact, it must more than offset it.

Just as a quick example, if you currently make $30,000 per year; that rounds out to about $2,500 per month. If you make $1000 the first month following the instructions, you may be tempted to walk away from the job with the expectation of doubling or tripling that $1000 in the next month. I do appreciate your confidence but tread carefully. And just think, your total income for the month is now $3,500 and next month should be even higher. So enjoy the “extra” money; invest, save, or spend (a little) but keep the day job, it’s the responsible thing to do.

Why don’t I just buy a Franchise?

That’s a good question and it’s a valid point too.

I have nothing against franchises as they are obviously a good way to earn money and provide ongoing income. I would say, however, that you need to look into the initial investment a franchise requires and the expected amount of time before you begin to see a profit. Also bear in mind that most franchises won’t let franchisees (that’s you) be an “absentee landlord” at first. What I mean is that you are expected to be onsite and working most of the time during the beginning months/years of your new business – and these hours can be simply brutal. The final payoff is good though, no doubt about it.

There is a local businessman in my area that owns 6 McDonalds restaurants. He is obviously doing quite well. But it took him a good amount of time and an incredible amount of effort to get to this point. Don’t think a franchise is an easy or quick way to get rich, it simply is not. In fact, some franchises require you to sign a document that states that you understand that there is a 5 year expectation of effort before you see a profit, during which time you will remain an active participant in the business. 5 years…no profit…16 hour days…? Not for me!

So, if you have the funds available and fully understand the time and effort required, by all means look into it. Just do so with an open mind and a critical mindset. Investing $250,000 of your hard-earned (or borrowed) money for an opportunity to work 16 hour days for 5 years before you make a profit can be a bit of a deterrent.

What does $60,000 look like?

I’ve seen $1,000,000 piled onto a table before during a Sales Kickoff – it was a motivational effort and was very effective. (Did you know you can rent $1,000,000 from some banks for about $600.00 per day? It comes nicely packaged and armed escort is provided) I’ve also seen several million on a table before that was given away to many outstanding achievers at an event – again, pretty motivating. It’s interesting to see a pile of money just “sitting there”. But what about $60K? What does that look like? Physically, it’s a pretty small amount of money, depending on the bills it could easily be held in one hand. But what does it take to get that money?

Here are a few ideas of what it takes to make $60,000.

  • $5,000 per month
  • $1,250 per week
  • $178 per day (seven days)
  • $250 per working day (mon-fri)
  • $30.00 per hour for a 40-hour week ($30 X 40 hours X 50 weeks = $60,000)
  • $20.00 per hour for a 60-hour week ($20 X 60 hours X 50 weeks = $60,000)
  • $40.00 per hour for a 30-hour week ($40 X 30 hours X 50 weeks = $60,000)

Basically, you need to make $1,200 per week to total $60,000 per year

What can you do with $60,000?

To answer this correctly we need to consider where you are right now. If you’re making $30,000, then you’d realize a difference of $30,000 which is huge. If you’re making $55,000 already, the difference when making $60,000 won’t be that significant, but I would hope you won’t stop at $60,000.

To keep the math easy on us, let’s assume you’re already making 36,000 per month which means your income will elevate by $24,000 – or about $2,000 per month. The real question is “what can you do with $2,000 per month.”

My immediate response would be that you should invest it and keep your living standards at a relatively constant level, but I know that won’t happen. There’s a law that states something along the lines of one’s needs expanding to fill ones capabilities. So as your income goes up, so do your “needs”. I know this first hand since when I left the military, my $30,000 salary immediately increased to $75,000 – literally overnight. Guess what, we still got a vehicle re-possessed during that time because we just didn’t make the payments. I guess we were too busy buying everything else we saw, because although the income difference was tremendous, we still managed to live “paycheck-to-paycheck”. Since then, my income has gone up significantly again and our lifestyle has followed suit. No repossessions lately, but we still manage to spend most of what we make.

So, a caution here – don’t expect your standard of living to remain unchanged. It is noble and very common to say that it will, but rarely does that happen. Be prepared to see your expenses go up, but just be careful with it. Once you realize this is happening and you can control it, then start your investing.

A few other ideas-not that you need help spending your money of course, but I thought I’d throw a few thoughts your way anyway.

  • Private School – I was able to enroll my son in a private High School at a cost of about $800.00 per month-a cost I would have never been able to afford previously. My daughter is now in a Private Boarding school – cost = $40,000 per year. After Financial Assistance, our costs are cut to about $10,000 per year or about $1,000 per month.
  • Vacation – one word…Cruise. These are the best vacations; tons of fun, never a dull moment unless you want one, see new places and meet new people, explore new cultures, all at very reasonable costs I have to admit my wife and I went to Jamaica to Breeze’s all inclusive resort – got an incredible price and paid for practically nothing while we were there. This was the first time a vacation other than a cruise came close to comparing to our cruise experiences. We just returned from the Dominican Republic…another “all inclusive” stay so this may be becoming our favorite way to spend our money these days.
  • Buy a new car – if you’re driving a “hoopty”, it might be time to upgrade. This was my first purchase and it made me feel like a new man. There’s nothing worse than driving an unreliable car and mine was worse than most. I honestly didn’t know if I would make it to work every day. A new car (new to me, not brand new) just gave me cause to relax – I wasn’t so stressed out anymore. The fact that it is a convertible Mustang just adds to the pleasure!
  • Since we’re talking about purchases, what about your house? If you’re renting then now is the time to consider buying. If you’re already buying, maybe you can buy a new house or even add on to the one you have.
  • My wife and I bought a foreclosure recently – paid all cash and sold the other house we were paying about $2,000 per month for. In the past 2 years, that’s $48,000 that I haven’t had to dish out for mortgage payments. The experts might disagree, but I’d bet most of them don’t really know what it’s like to really own their home outright.
  • Savings and Investments – I’m a little ashamed this is last on the list but I did mention it first also, so think of this first and last. Investments should always be on your mind as this is the way to true financial freedom. If you haven’t read “The Richest Man in Babylon”, drop everything and read it…and put a plan into action to start saving and investing.

If I’m making $60,000 per year, how do I compare with others?

First of all, I would discourage this kind of thinking – comparing how you’re doing with how your neighbor is doing is how most people end up in bankruptcy…it’s called “keeping up with the Jones’s”. They got a new car so you need to buy a newer new car. No you don’t – don’t even go there. There’s a great movie that has this as a basis – it stars David Duchovney and Demi Moore and it’s called, reasonably enough, “The Joneses”. It’s funny, hilarious even, but also tragic. I think it’s a great movie and it does fit right in with what we’re talking about here. After you finish reading “The Richest Man in Babylon”, go check out this movie.

But, it’s interesting to see where your income level stacks up with the multitudes, and it’s also easy to find out. Looking at census bureau results is usually the most accurate although you have to dig through a lot of information. You also have to consider if you are looking at the earnings of an individual, a family, a dual-income family, etc. So below are a couple of ‘averages” for your consideration. These are taken from recent Bankruptcy statistics. These statistics are a metric used by Bankruptcy Courts to help determine status of potential filers – it is not the income level of only people who file, but rather a cross section of all states. Here are a few examples:

  • California Single: $47,363 Family of 4: $77,024
  • Arkansas Single: $32,380 Family of 4: $54,721
  • Texas Single: $37,120 Family of 4: $63,945

You will undoubtedly find different numbers depending on where you look. Often you can find very specific breakdowns by city and county as well.

Ok, so I compare pretty well but what about the stigma of not having a college education?

Once again, don’t fear. Take a look at the below list of people who have little to no college education. Some dropped out of High School.

  • Elvis Presley – High School Dropout
  • Cher – High School Dropout
  • Madonna – High school Dropout
  • Britney Spears – High School Dropout
  • Bill Gates – College Dropout
  • Robert Redford – College Dropout
  • Andy Warhol – High School Dropout
  • H.G. Wells – High School Dropout
  • Jim Clark – High School Dropout (Founder of Silicon Graphics, Co-Founder of Netscape)
  • Andrew Jackson – High School Dropout (7th President of US)
  • W.Clement Stone – High School Dropout (Self-Made millionaire)
  • Ray Charles – High School Dropout
  • Pierce Brosnan – High School Dropout
  • Humphrey Bogart – High School Dropout
  • Whoopie Goldberg- High School Dropout
  • Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) – High School Dropout
  • Rosa Parks- High School Dropout
  • Albert Einstein- High School Dropout
  • Thomas Edison – High School Dropout
  • The Write Brothers – High School Dropout
  • Henry Ford – High School Dropout
  • Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin – Billionaire) – High School Dropout
  • Sean Connery- High School Dropout
  • Robert DeNiro- High School Dropout
  • Michel Dell (Dell Computers) – College Dropout
  • Steve Jobs (Apple Founder) – College Dropout
  • Ted Turner (CNN, TBS, TNT) – College Dropout
  • Tom Hanks – College Dropout
  • Woody All – College Dropout
  • Steve Martin – College Dropout

…and trust me, the list goes on and on and on. In fact, you could almost make the argument that a High School Diploma or a College Degree detracts from the likelihood of huge success by looking at this list!

We would love to work with you!

You’ll see later what jobs we have in our sights regarding what is a good fit for our business and those who find what we do useful. However, we are also always on the lookout for those who have experience in the fields we write about as well as fields we do not have on our radar. If you are interested in co-authoring a book with us, we will provide a healthy profit share on that book with you – 25% of any revenue from that book will be yours. We only accept a maximum of two co-authors per book, so if one catches your eye, please contact us quickly. Additionally, if you have a job in mind that we do not have on our radar and can provide the details needed to write the book, we’ll split the revenue with you 50/50.

Wrap it up

So you know what it takes to make this kind of money and you know what you can do with it. I’ve even given you some suggestions in case you’re at a mental block about what to do with it. Now we’ll dig in and see how to get it done.

The following pages contain 3 jobs/careers in which you can quickly get to the point where you make $60,000 per year, or $5K per month. Several of these occupations already have a book associated with it on www.60Kjobs.com, the others are works in progress. Additionally, although we are showing 3 in this e-book, there are more that are being worked on.

One Final Thought

The job descriptions that follow and the associated target of making $60K in a very short time frame are intended for a person who is driven and highly motivated to make good money quickly. A relaxed, less intensive person with less motivation will not make the $60K mark but can do well nonetheless. So, to re-iterate, to make the $60K mark with these occupations will require a good deal of effort and time (and overtime) on your part. Good luck!!

Below are brief outlines of several jobs, just to whet your appetite. We have books available on several of these and more are in the works. Our books range anywhere from 60 pages to well over 100 pages, so the books are not “short and sweet”, but rather very detailed in an effort to get you ALL of the info you need. Be sure to check out www.60Kjobs.com/books for the books that are available and also the “Jobs” pages www.60Kjobs.com for more info about each of the jobs that are outlined.



We all know what a bartender is, but you might not be aware of the variations of this job. Some bartenders work where only beer is served, or only wine. Or only beer and wine. Some bartenders work in a thatch hut on a beach and pour pre-made exotic drinks and stick umbrellas in them. Some bartenders spin and toss bottles while dancing and socializing with huge crowds. Some bartenders work at quite cigar bars and serve two fingers of scotch to serious men after a hard day’s work. The work environments for Bartenders are varied and exciting – there is literally no end to the number of places you could end up as a bartender.


Anywhere – there are some ‘dry’ places but for the most part bartenders are employable anywhere in the world. I’ve heard that Dublin, Ireland has 1 pub for every 350 residents. I’ve been there and have stumbled through many pubs and I believe this statistic.

How? Many bartenders just stumble into their jobs. Maybe they work their way up from a server in a pizza shop, or they might take a weekend course and decide they really like it so apply at a few places around town. There are bartending schools you can attend but the prevailing wisdom is to NOT put that on a resume or job application – attend these schools for the drinks you’ll learn to pour the processes you get educated about, but don’t expect them to open many doors to actually obtaining a job.

How much?

Typical Salary amounts for bartenders hover around the 40-45K range. This is how much they tend to make before tips. As a bartender, your tips should be able to easily double (or more) your salary. It’s interesting to look at Bartending salaries in different types of establishments. For example:

Casino Bartender – average salary is much less: about $20K, but since it’s a casino environment, tips are expected to be better. This may not always be the case – it will depend on the place itself.

Cruise Ships – same as casino’s – less salary, more tips

Night Club – usually a little higher salary, sometimes even higher tips

High-profile establishment – possibly no salary but great tips.

How’s the future look?

No shortage of drinkers or drinking establishments.


UNIX Admin


UNIX Administrators continue to be the primary IT administrators in just about any Data Center. UNIX Administrators know hardware, software, networking, processes, etc, etc. In a world where technical knowledge is king, UNIX Administrators are almost universally accepted as the overall experts.


Most major cities have a plethora of companies that have some kind of headquarters and Data Centers – UNIX Administrators can be found working in these places. Pretty much anywhere is possible, but there are several “tech heavy” cities where the likelihood of getting a job is better than others. Also, there are many cities that have sprung up around other tech companies – Round Rock, Texas (a little ways from Austin) comes to mind as this place seems to only exist because Dell Computers is in their back yard.


There are many advanced degrees held by UNIX Administrators but by the same token there are many that hold no degree at all – I fall into the latter group and have never been fired, laid off, demoted or had my pay reduced. There’s just something about a good UNIX Administrator that makes them invaluable to the IT team. Again, the key is being ‘good’ or ‘great’.  Slack off and suffer the consequences.

How much?

This is the fun part. UNIX Administrators, even at entry level positions, earn very high salaries. Look through Monster or HotJobs and you’ll see entry level positions at around the $70K level. From there, the sky is the limit.

How’s the future look?

UNIX Administrators are still in high demand – they are not going away. I have been a UNIX administrator for many years now and have survived quite well in spite of the rumors that “UNIX is dead”. Trust me, it’s no more dead than California is falling into the ocean – it makes a great story and stimulating debate, but it’s not going anywhere.

Exotic Dancer


Exotic Dancer, shake your booty girl, whatever you want to call it, you can also call it Ka-Ching!! We’ve all seen the movie where the girl is working as an exotic dance “just to get through college”? Well, there’s a lot of truth in that because a good exotic dancer can easily pay for college, a nice condo, a new car, healthy investments, etc, etc. And this isn’t just for the girls.  Male exotic dancers make a boatload of money as well, often times even more than the ladies.


Pretty much anywhere there is a large population. Large cities especially but even some smaller ones if they have a high density of a certain population. As an example – being a former Marine – I know most military towns have a thriving “Strip Club” scene. Bear in mind though, that the clubs centered around military bases cater to military personnel and these military personnel don’t make a lot of money. Consequently, exotic dancers in military towns won’t make as much as their counterparts in more “well to do” areas. But, there is the “quality vs quantity” consideration, in that in a military town there are far more customers.  They spend (donate?) less but since there’s so much more of them it can still be highly profitable.


There are no required training or college level degrees to become an exotic dancer. There are, however, schools and classes you can attend to improve your talents.

How Much?

The money for Exotic Dancers is truly spectacular considering the low barrier to entry into the profession. Salary.com reports an average income of $172,000 for exotic dancers. Bear in mind that Salary.com does not validate the number nor do they do any research other than just polling participants. We know from our previous discussion that a per-hour worker has to make about $30.00 per hour for a 40 hour work week to clear $60,000 per year. Exotic Dancers work mostly for tips and these tips often far exceed 30 dollars per hour. The problem area here is that most Exotic Dancers won’t work a full 40 hour week.  It’s more likely they’ll work a few hours a night, several nights per week. However, even with the reduced hours, the amount of tips more than make up for it with regards to our $60,000 target.

How’s the future look?

As long as there are men and women who want to look at men and women, Exotic Dancers will have a good future. There are no indications of any downturn in this business and, in fact, during recent economic disaster exotic dancers are reporting better than usual business.

In closing

There you have it. An overview of what “$60K Jobs” is about, what $60K per year looks like and how it can be obtained, and few examples of some jobs that can get you there.   There’s no promise of an easy ride and no promise that $60K will be enough for you.  Our intention is to simply show specific jobs or careers that can provide this type of income.  The rest is up to you!

Be sure to check back with our website for additional information.

Many thanks and best wishes!

Perry Hurtt


Download the $60K Primer here:

Click Here to download your free copy of the 60K Jobs Primer.

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