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Jobs that pay 60K a year

$60K Jobs is devoted to documenting good paying / salary jobs or careers that require neither a college degree nor extensive experience. Unemployment, and underemployment is too common these days and we hope to encourage and enable folks that are looking for work to find something they like and pays them well.

Several over 60k jobs outlined

Browse our site and you'll see the content we have created to assist folks in finding decent paying jobs they can be proud about and enjoy. There are books, a primer and even links to Amazon for items that are related to the specific jobs. Take a look around - we think you'll like what you see.

Why 60k jobs?

$60K Jobs has been created and is run by several "corporate drones" - you know the type. 16 hour days working in Corporate American in jobs they don't care for and with people they don't really like. We hope to help you avoid such a fate! There are good paying, enjoyable jobs and you deserve one!

Jobs that pay 60K a year or more without a college degree

A few thoughts and caveats are in order before you begin. Nothing on this site is "get rich quick" or even "get rich slowly" - more like "live comfy soon" as we like to say. You won't find anything that promises to make $250K in the next week, nor $1M in the next month. If a $60K salary is a good starting point for you, with the knowledge that is just that...a starting point...then this site is a pretty good place to look around. If you plan to start at $150K/month and work your way up from there, this isn't really a site that will help a whole lot. What am I trying to say? Just that we work from a very "common sense" perspective around here, that's all.