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What is $60K Jobs?

$60K Jobs is devoted to documenting good paying jobs that require neither a college degree nor extensive experience. Unemployment, and underemployment is too common these days and we hope to encourage and enable folks that are looking for work to find something they like and pays them well.

Several Jobs Outlined

Browse our site and you'll see the content we have created to assist folks in finding decent paying jobs they can be proud about and enjoy. There are books, a primer and even links to Amazon for items that are related to the specific jobs. Take a look around - we think you'll like what you see.

Why we do what we do

$60K Jobs has been created and is run by several "corporate drones" - you know the type. 16 hour days working in Corporate American in jobs they don't care for and with people they don't really like. We hope to help you avoid such a fate! There are good paying, enjoyable jobs and you deserve one!

Created for Veterans, by Veterans but applicable to anybody

Look around and find information about a variety of jobs that do not require a college degree nor tons of experience. Initially created to assist veterans exiting the Armed Services, this site specifically focuses on jobs and careers that pay well and are within grasp of those who have not taken the "normal" path in their careers.

Al Pacino – A Game of Inches

Ever given thought to being a Bartender?

Bartenders tend to love their job and, the more they love their jobs the higher their take home pay.

Al Pacino – A Game of Inches

Auto Sales can be profitable

For the person with the right personality, Auto Sales can be fun and lucrative. Being a Sales job though, it's not for everybody but definitely worth taking a look at.

Al Pacino – A Game of Inches

UNIX System Administration

UNIX System Administrators are always in demand and entry level pay is quite good.

Al Pacino – A Game of Inches


A dream for most people - to see their written word published. Whether it be a fiction book, non-fiction book, article, blog entry, etc. Authors are in great demand but you have to be willing to put yourself out there, promote your self and your work, and be willing to accept some (possibly a lot!) of rejection.

Al Pacino – A Game of Inches

A Game of Inches – Al Pacino I have shamelessly reproduced Al Pacino’s “A game of inches” speech below from his movie “Any Given Sunday”, only because it’s something that should be read or heard by everybody everywhere.  Read and heed, then remember to take action. Game of Inches – Video: The YouTube video can be found here Game of Inches – Speech:   I don’t know what to say really. Three minutes to the biggest battle of our professional lives all comes down to today. Either we heal as a team or we are going to crumble. Inch by …

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Sean Connery – Working Class Hero? Great Scot!

Sean Connery – working class hero? Great Scot! What is a Working Class Hero, and how does Sean Connery fit? I started writing about the “working class hero” type, but then my wanderings moved me to one of my favorite all-time actors – Sean Connery who was, in fact, a perfect example of a Working Class Hero.   I guess I should provide my definition of Working Class Hero – to me this is somebody who still has their dreams intact (fame, fortune, or whatever) but realizes the need to hold down a job to make ends meet until that …

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Top 10 Books you should read

Top 10 books you should read Top 10 Books $60K Jobs presents a  list of the Top 10 books that are critical to anybody’s self improvement library. The problem is not that there is no material to read and study, the problem is that there is so much of it!  The amount of material to sort through today on this topic should be accompanied by a surgeon general warning about causing blindness or something – it’s truly overwhelming.  What’s needed is a breakdown of what’s a great read, what’s the purpose, where to get it for the best price, and what to do …

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How to find a job that requires neither college nor extensive experience

How to good find a job that requires neither a college degree nor extensive experience. Hello again, thanks for checking in. I’ll get right to the point – if you’re unemployed or “employed but looking”, or maybe you’re in a position where you know you’ll need a job soon and would like to get a jump start on it (exiting the military comes to mind), then you’ll find this post interesting. Find a job – $5K per month The site you’re at right now,, is completely focused on detailing jobs that require neither a college degree nor extensive experience.  …

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Mobile Bartending – Make some extra money tonight!

Mobile Bartending Guide – Make some extra money tonight! Mobile Bartending Guide – why mobile? If you’re a bartender, want to be a bartender, or have ever thought about it, you may want to consider augmenting your income as a Mobile Bartender using the ideas set forth in this quick Mobile Bartending Guide.  As a Mobile Bartender, you will become responsible for marketing your own wares, booking your own events, running your own bar, and making your own money.  Self-made, Self-Paid…not a bad way to go.  Read the below Mobile Bartending Guide for some insights into what is required.  For …

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No College Experience, no problem – Get Hired

No college, no experience, no problem – Get Hired! Get Hired without college or experience! It’s normal these days to feel the need to get a college degree or to have a lot of experience before feeling you are a good fit for a job – in many cases this is absolutely true.  However, there are many jobs that pay well that require neither a college degree nor extensive previous experience.  You can get your foot in the door in these jobs, prove yourself worthy, and run with it to make a career for yourself in a position that pays …

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Bartender Friends

Bartender Friends If you are fond of the occasional drink, you have undoubtedly encountered a bartender or two in your time.  Yes, this is a post that involves discussion about drinking so if you’re on of those that do not agree with drinking, you might want to skip this post. Meeting Bartenders around the world This year marks me and my wife’s 28th anniversary and we are fond of the occasional drink.  In fact, we’ve planned entire vacations around “the best places to drink”.   We’ve tested the waters in most states in our great country, Japan, China, Korea, Mexico, London, Barcelona and …

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My Unnecessary Tribute to the Marine Corps

My Unnecessary Tribute to the Marine Corps Why is this unnecessary? This is unnecessary simply because the United States Marine Corps doesn’t need me to extend praise – the Marine Corps earns it’s praise on it’s own and most Americans as well as people all around the world are well aware of what a phenomenal organization the Marine Corps is.   To get a sense of what the Marine Corps is and the history, check out the “Marines” website – simply the best military website I’ve ever seen.  I have written a book entitled Marine Corps Leadership that outlines the 14 leadership traits that …

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Hiring the Military

Hiring the Military A little background “Perry, if you want to join an organization that will always look out for you, there’s no better place than the Marine Corps”. That’s what my career counselor told me in high school back in 1983. He shared a lot of his impressions with the Corps that I don’t need to go into – most of the armed forces have a dim view of the other forces but Mr. Barnes, a 30 year Air Force retiree, had nothing but positive things to say about the Corps. So I joined, stayed in 16 years, and …

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Leaving the Military for a Civilian Job

Leaving the Military for a Civilian Job I was contacted recently by a Soldier named Brandon (last name omitted) who is considering leaving the military and pursuing a civilian job.  I had posted a comment on a Kiplinger article awhile ago and it caught his interest as my tone was (and is) such that the military safety net is not a good reason to stay in the military.  Love the military, stay in.  Want to make money and provide a better life for your family, get out.  I’ve done both. First, a few links I think are very useful and …

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